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Data Model

CData Excel Add-In for FreshBooks 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

The CData Excel Add-In for FreshBooks 2019 can model your account as a database through two APIs, the Classic API and the Alpha API. You can programmatically access the available entities by querying the available System Tables.

Collaborative Query Processing

The add-in offloads as much of the SELECT statement processing as possible to FreshBooks and then processes the rest of the query within the add-in. See SupportEnhancedSQL for more information on how the add-in circumvents API limitations with in-memory client-side processing.

Key Features

  • The add-in models FreshBooks Categories, Projects, and more, allowing you to write SQL to query FreshBooks data.
  • Stored procedures allow you to execute operations to FreshBooks, including downloading and uploading objects.
  • Live connectivity to these objects means any changes to your FreshBooks account are immediately reflected when using the add-in.

Classic API

The Classic API uses the OAuth Core 1.0 Revision A specification.

Alpha API

The Alpha API uses the OAuth 2.0 specification.

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