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Establishing a Connection

CData Excel Add-In for FreshBooks 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

Configure a Connection Profile

Click From FreshBooks to launch the connection dialog. Here, you can set the connection settings, test the connection, and save the connection profile. The profile enables you to control the following for a connection:

  • Workbook Sharing

    Select the Store in Workbook option to create easy-to-share spreadsheets. By default, the add-in saves the connection to an .rdc file in the CData subfolder in the %APPDATA% folder.

  • Read/write access

    Enable or restrict updates, deletes, and inserts for the connection.

Authenticating to FreshBooks

FreshBooks uses the OAuth authentication standard. To authenticate using OAuth, you will need to create an app to obtain the OAuthClientId, OAuthClientSecret, and CallbackURL connection properties. See Using OAuth Authentication for an authentication guide.

See Also

  • Querying Data: Use the data selection wizard to pull data into a spreadsheet. You can also configure scheduled data refresh here.
  • Using the Excel Add-In: Find other ways to interact with FreshBooks data, such as using the available CData Excel Formulas.
  • Managing Connections: To access an existing connection, click Edit in the Connection Wizard or click Existing Connections in the CData ribbon. Additionally, see this section for more information on workbook sharing and user access.

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