BizTalk Adapter for Google BigQuery

Build 20.0.7654

UseStreamingInserts Property

Specifies whether to use streaming or DML statements when inserting data. By default, streaming inserts are used.

Data Type


Default Value



When set to true, the adapter will use streaming inserts to upload data. Streaming inserts allow for more data to be inserted in a single request and are generally faster. However, streaming inserts may lose data in some cases, such as if schema information is changed while the insert occurs. Also, data which is being streamed may be unavailable for a time while Google BigQuery commits data to the table.

When set to false, the adapter will use Standard SQL statements to do inserts. These requests will not drop data if the insert succeeds and allow your data to be accessed immediately. However, it is slower than streaming inserts and allows you to enter less data per day than if the data were streamed.

This has no effect when UseLegacySQL is true, because legacy SQL will always use streaming inserts.

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Build 20.0.7654