BizTalk Adapter for Google BigQuery

Build 20.0.7654

UseStorageAPI Property

Specifies whether to use BigQuery's Storage API for bulk data reads.

Data Type


Default Value



By default the adapter will use the Storage API instead of the default REST API. Depending upon the complexity of the query, the adapter may execute the query in one of two ways:

  • Simple queries that read all columns from only one table, and have no extra clauses except LIMIT, are executed directly within the Storage API.
  • All other queries are executed as a query job which writes to a temporary table. Once the query is complete, the results are read from the temporary table using the Storage API.

The BigQuery Storage API can read data faster and more efficiently than the REST API (accessible by setting this option to false), but is priced differently and requires extra OAuth permissions when using your own OAuth app. It also uses the separate StoragePageSize property instead of PageSize.

The BigQuery REST API requires no extra permissions and uses standard pricing, but is slower than the Storage API.

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Build 20.0.7654