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JOIN Queries

CData Excel Add-In for Google BigQuery 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

The add-in supports the complete join syntax in Google BigQuery. Google BigQuery supports inner joins, outer joins, and cross joins. The default is inner. Multiple join operations are supported.

SELECT field_1 [..., field_n] FROM
   table_1 [[AS] alias_1]
   table_2 [[AS] alias_2]
  [ON join_condition_1 [... AND join_condition_n]]

Note that the default join is an inner join. The following limitations exist on joins in Google BigQuery:

  • Cross joins must not contain an ON clause.
  • Normal joins require that the right-side table must contain less than 8 MB of compressed data. If you are working with tables larger than 8 MB, use the EACH modifier. Note that EACH cannot be used in cross joins.

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