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StorageThreshold Parameter (Connect-GoogleBigQuery Cmdlet)

CData Cmdlets for Google BigQuery 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

The minimum number of rows a query must return to invoke the Storage API.


Connect-GoogleBigQuery -StorageThreshold string


When the cmdlet receives a query too complex to be run directly in the Storage API, it creates a query job and uses the Storage API to read from the query results table. If the query job returns fewer than the number of rows provided in this option, then the results are returned directly and the Storage API is not used.

This value should be set between 1 and 100000. Higher values will use the Storage API only for large resultsets, but will be delayed by reading more results from the query job. Lower values will result in smaller delays but will use the Storage API for more queries.

Note that this option only has an effect if UseStorageApi is enabled and the queries being executed cannot be executed directly on the Storage API. Queries which run directly on Storage never create query jobs.

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