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RefreshViewSchemas Parameter (Connect-GoogleBigQuery Cmdlet)

CData Cmdlets for Google BigQuery 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

Allows the provider to determine up-to-date view schemas automatically.


Connect-GoogleBigQuery -RefreshViewSchemas bool


When using BigQuery views, BigQuery stores a copy of the view schema with the view itself. However, these stored view schemas are not updated when the tables used by the view change. This means that the stored view schema can easily become out of date and cause queries using the view to fail.

By default, the cmdlet will not use the stored view schema and will instead query the view to determine the schema used by the view. This guarantees that the schema will be up to date, although it requires the cmdlet to start a query job to determine the columns available in a view.

You can disable this option to force the cmdlet to use the stored view schemas. This prevents the cmdlet from running any queries when getting a view schema, but also means that queries using the view will fail if the schema is out of date.

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