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DestinationTable Parameter (Connect-GoogleBigQuery Cmdlet)

CData Cmdlets for Google BigQuery 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

DestinationTable is entered in the format DestinationProjectId:DestinationDataSet.TableName. Setting DestinationTable allows the query to return very large result sets (more than 128mb of result data) to a permanent destination table.


Connect-GoogleBigQuery -DestinationTable string


Queries that return large results will take longer to execute, even if the result set is small, and are subject to additional limitations:

  • A resultset destination table will be created.
  • You cannot specify a top-level ORDER BY clause.
  • Large data volumes cannot use the TOP function.
Note: The default write mode for this table is WRITE_TRUNCATE, so each query will drop the existing table and write the new result set. It is suggested each connection has a different DestinationTable specified.

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