CData Python Connector for Google Analytics

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Getting Started

Connecting to Google Analytics

Wheel Installation explains the available WHL files for the supported environments, as well as how to install the appropriate WHL to your python distribution.

Connecting to Google Analytics

Establishing a Connection indicates the module to import and shows how to configure the necessary connection properties in a connection string. Other available connection properties can be used to configure other aspects of the connector capabilities.

Python Version Support

The CData Python Connector for Google Analytics can be installed and used in various Python 3.6 or Python 3.7 distributions (Mac is restricted to Python 3.8), including Anacondas. Both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of both the Windows and Linux distributions are supported, provided that the appropriate WHL file is used for installation.

Google Analytics Version Support

The provider provides a relational view of the Google Analytics profiles in your Google account or across your Google Apps domain. The provider includes tables that contain often-used dimensions and metrics as columns; additionally, you can customize the table schemas or write your own to combine any valid set of dimensions and metrics. The provider surfaces the columns available through the Google Analytics Management API and the Google Anlytics Core Reporting API. You must enable these APIs by creating a project in the Google Developers Console. See Connecting to Google for a guide to creating a project and authenticating to the APIs.

See Also

  • Using the Connector: Establish connections and query Google Analytics through Python code.
  • From SQLAlchemy: Use SQLAlchemy to establish a connection with dialect URL, and interact with Google Analytics data using mapped classes and Sessions.

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Build 20.0.7587