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The Office365 table Users.

Table Specific Information


Query the Users table by retrieving everything from Users, specifying a Id, or filtering by a column:

SELECT * FROM Users WHERE Id = '616391f0-32d8-4127-8f25-aa55771d6617'

SELECT DisplayName, Id FROM Users WHERE DisplayName LIKE 'John%'


The following are required to create a new organizational User:

INSERT INTO Users (AccountEnabled, DisplayName, MailNickname, UserPrincipalName, PasswordProfile_ForceChangePasswordNextSignIn, PasswordProfile_Password) VALUES (false, 'John Smith', 'JohnS', '', true, '123password')


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
id [KEY] String True

The unique identifier for the user.

aboutMe String False

A freeform text entry field for the user to describe themselves.

accountEnabled Boolean False

True if the account is enabled; otherwise, false. This property is required when a user is created.

assignedLicenses_skuId String False

The SKUs of the licenses assigned to the user.

assignedPlans_assignedDateTime Datetime True

The date and time at which the user's plan was assigned.

assignedPlans_capabilityStatus String True

The capability status of a user's plan.

assignedPlans_service String True

The name of the service; for example,

assignedPlans_servicePlanId String True

A GUID that identifies the service plan.

birthday Datetime False

The birthday of the user.

businessPhones String False

The city in which the user is located.

companyName String True

The company name with which the user is associated.

country String False

The country/region in which the user is located; for example, 'US' or 'UK'

department String False

The name for the department in which the user works.

displayName String False

The name displayed in the address book for the user. This is usually the combination of the user's first name, middle initial and last name.

givenName String False

The given name (first name) of the user.

hireDate Datetime False

The hire date of the user.

interests String False

A list for the user to describe their interests.

jobTitle String False

The user's job title.

mail String True

The SMTP address for the user.

mailboxSettings_timeZone String False

The default time zone for the user's mailbox.

mailNickname String False

The mail alias for the user. This property must be specified when a user is created.

mobilePhone String False

The primary cellular telephone number for the user.

mySite String False

The URL for the user's personal site.

officeLocation String False

The office location in the user's place of business.

onPremisesImmutableId String False

This property is used to associate an on-premises Active Directory user account to their Azure AD user object.

onPremisesLastSyncDateTime Datetime False

Indicates the last time at which the object was synced with the on-premises directory.

onPremisesSecurityIdentifier String True

Contains the on-premises security identifier (SID) for the user that was synchronized from on-premises to the cloud.

onPremisesSyncEnabled Boolean True

True if this object is synced from an on-premises directory; false if this object was originally synced from an on-premises directory but is no longer synced; null if this object has never been synced from an on-premises directory.

passwordPolicies String False

Specifies password policies for the user. This value is an enumeration with one possible value being

passwordProfile_forceChangePasswordNextSignIn Boolean False

True if the user must change her password on the next login; otherwise false.

passwordProfile_password String False

The password for the user.

pastProjects String False

A list for the user to enumerate their past projects.

postalCode String False

The postal code for the user's postal address.

preferredLanguage String False

The preferred language for the user.

preferredName String False

The preferred name for the user.

provisionedPlans_capabilityStatus String False

The capability status of the user's provisioned plans.

provisionedPlans_provisioningStatus String False

The provisioning status of the user's provisioned plans.

provisionedPlans_service String False

The name of the service.

proxyAddresses String False

The proxy addresses for the user.

responsibilities String False

A list for the user to enumerate their responsibilities.

schools String False

A list for the user to enumerate the schools they have attended.

skills String False

A list for the user to enumerate their skills.

state String False

The state or province in the user's address.

streetAddress String False

The street address of the user's place of business.

surname String False

The user's surname (family name or last name).

usageLocation String False

A two letter country code. Required for users that will be assigned licenses due to legal requirement to check for availability of services in countries. Examples include: 'US', 'JP', and 'GB'.

userPrincipalName String False

The user principal name (UPN) of the user. The UPN is an Internet-style login name for the user.

userType String False

A string value that can be used to classify user types in your directory, such as 'Member' and 'Guest'.

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