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The Office365 table Groups.


Groups には管理者権限が必要です。それらを使用するには、独自のカスタムOAuth アプリを作成して、適切なOAuthClientIdOAuthClientSecret を 設定する必要があります。このアプリでは、Group.Read.All とGroup.ReadWrite.All の権限をリクエストするように設定する必要があります。 これは、 または の[App Registrations]パネルで設定できます。カスタムアプリの作成に関する 詳細は、カスタムクレデンシャル を参照してください。

Groups 権限を認可するには、管理者は組織全体に対してGroups のアクセス許可を付与する必要があります。これは、管理者の認可エンドポイントを 介して実行できます。管理者に次のWeb ページに移動して許可を与えさせるだけです。その後、通常通りにOAuth 認可を実行します。[YourClientId]&redirect_uri=http://localhost:33333

組織に複数のテナントがある場合は、url の/common/ をテナントのID に置き換えて、どのテナントに権限を付与するかを指定できます。


すべてのグループを取得したり、GroupId (Id) を指定したり、あるいは特定のカラムでフィルタしたりします。

SELECT * FROM Groups WHERE Id = 'Group Id here'
SELECT Id, Description, DisplayName FROM Groups WHERE Name = 'test'


新しいSecurity Group を作成するには、以下が必要です。

INSERT INTO Groups (DisplayName, MailEnabled, MailNickname, SecurityEnabled) VALUES ('Test group', false, 'test', true)


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
id [KEY] String True

The unique identifier for the group.

allowExternalSenders Boolean False

Indicates if people external to the organization can send messages to the group.

autoSubscribeNewMembers Boolean False

Indicates if new members added to the group will be auto-subscribed to receive email notifications.

description String False

An optional description for the group.

displayName String False

The display name for the group.

groupTypes String False

Specifies the type of group to create. Possible values are Unified to create an Office 365 group, or DynamicMembership for dynamic groups. For all other group types, like security-enabled groups and email-enabled security groups, do not set this property.

isSubscribedByMail Boolean False

Indicates whether the current user is subscribed to receive email conversations..

mail String True

The SMTP address for the group.

mailEnabled Boolean False

Specifies whether the group is mail-enabled. If the securityEnabled property is also true, the group is a mail-enabled security group; otherwise, the group is a Microsoft Exchange distribution group.

mailNickname String False

The mail alias for the group, unique in the organization.

onPremisesLastSyncDateTime Datetime True

Indicates the last time at which the group was synced with the on-premises directory.

onPremisesSecurityIdentifier String True

Contains the on-premises security identifier (SID) for the group that was synchronized from on-premises to the cloud.

onPremisesSyncEnabled Boolean True

True if this group is synced from an on-premises directory; false if this group was originally synced from an on-premises directory but is no longer synced; null if this object has never been synced from an on-premises directory.

proxyAddresses String True

The proxy addresses for the table Groups.

securityEnabled Boolean False

Specifies whether the group is a security group. If the mailEnabled property is also true, the group is a mail-enabled security group; otherwise it is a security group. Must be false for Office 365 groups.

unseenCount Int32 False

Count of posts that the current user has not seen since his last visit.

visibility String False

Specifies the visibility of an Office 365 group. The possible values are: Private, Public, HiddenMembership, or empty (which is interpreted as Public).

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