Power BI Connector for SugarCRM

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Create, udpate, delete, and query the ProductTemplates module in SugarCRM.


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] String False

The unique identifier of the product template.

Deleted Bool False

The record deletion indicator.

Date_Entered Datetime True

The date the record was created.

Date_Modified Datetime True

The date the record was last modified.

Modified_User_Id String True

The user who last modified the record.

Created_By String True

The Id of the user who created the record.

Type_Id String False

The product type (e.g., hardware or software).

Manufacturer_Id String False

The manufacturer of the product.

Manufacturer_Name String False

The manufacturer name.

Category_Id String False

The category of the product.

Category_Name String False

The category name.

Type_Name String False

The type name.

Name String False

The name of the product.

Mft_Part_Num String False

The manufacturer part number.

Vendor_Part_Num String False

The vendor part number.

Date_Cost_Price Datetime False

The starting date the cost price is valid.

Cost_Price Double False

Product cost (Cost in Quote).

Discount_Price Double False

Discounted price (Unit Price in Quote).

List_Price Double False

List price of product (List in Quote).

Cost_Usdollar Double True

Cost expressed in USD.

Discount_Usdollar Double True

Discount price expressed in USD.

List_Usdollar Double True

List price expressed in USD.

Currency_Id String False

Currency of the product.

Base_Rate Decimal False

The base rate.

Currency_Symbol String False

The currency symbol.

Currency String False

Currency of the product.

Status String False

Product status (not used in product Catalog).

Tax_Class String False

Tax classification (e.g., Taxable or Non-taxable).

Date_Available Datetime False

Availability date.

Website String False

Product URL.

Weight Decimal False

Weight of the product.

Qty_In_Stock Int False

Quantity on hand.

Description String False

Description of the product.

Support_Name String False

Name of product for support purposes.

Support_Description String False

Description of product for support purposes.

Support_Contact String False

Contact for support purposes.

Support_Term String False

Term (length) of support contract.

Pricing_Formula String False

Pricing formula (e.g., Fixed or Markup over Cost).

Pricing_Factor Decimal False

Variable pricing factor depending on pricing_formula.

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