Power BI Connector for SugarCRM

Build 20.0.7587


Create, update, delete, and query the CustomQueries module in SugarCRM.


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Team_Id String False

The Id of the primary team.

Team_Set_Id String False

The Id of the team set.

Team_Count String False

The count of the team set.

Team_Name String False

The name of the primary team.

Id [KEY] String False

Unique identifer of the custom query.

Deleted Bool False

Record deletion indicator.

Date_Entered Datetime False

Date the record was created.

Date_Modified Datetime False

Date the record was last modified.

Modified_User_Id String False

The Id of the user who last modified the record.

Created_By String False

Id of the user who created record.

Name String False

Name of the custom query.

Description String False

Full description of the custom query.

Custom_Query String False

The SQL statement.

Query_Type String False

The type of query (unused).

List_Order Int False

The relative order in the drop-down list.

Query_Locked Bool False

Whether the query body (the SQL statement) can be changed.

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Build 20.0.7587