Power BI Connector for SugarCRM

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Include Relationships

Set this to true if you want to expose relationship columns which give you the ability to query objects in relationship to other objects.






Relationships are the basis for linking information within the Sugar CRM system. The relationships are exposed by the provider in the form of columns. Set this connection property to true if you want to expose relationship columns. For Ex.

SELECT * FROM Tasks WHERE account_tasks='514b69aa-41e0-11ea-a5ef-02424563122e'
SELECT * FROM Accounts WHERE accounts_contacts='e9b69b60-41e0-11ea-82f2-02424563122e'
SELECT * FROM Notes WHERE accounts_notes_1='514b69aa-41e0-11ea-a5ef-02424563122e'
SELECT * FROM Accounts WHERE accounts_notes_1 IN ('4a6cd5de-f40e-11ea-99f0-02f85148f4a4', '456ffdc2-f40e-11ea-86ca-02f85148f4a4')

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Build 20.0.7587