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CData JDBC Driver for Magento 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

Create, delete, and query the available product websites for a specific product in Magento.


The driver will use the Magento API to filter the results by ProductId while the rest of the filter is executed client side within the driver. The ProductId column can be used only with the (=) operator.

For example, the following query is processed server side:

SELECT * FROM ProductWebsites WHERE ProductId = 232
You can turn off client-side execution by setting SupportEnhancedSQL to false, in which case any search criteria that refers to any other columns will cause an error.


To add a product website, specify the WebsiteId and ProductId fields.

INSERT INTO ProductWebsites(WebsiteId,ProductId) VALUES (1,231)


Magento does not allow updates to product websites.


Product websites can be deleted by providing the WebsiteId and ProductId and issuing a DELETE statement.

DELETE FROM ProductWebsites WHERE ProductId=231 AND WebsiteId=1000


Name Type ReadOnly Description
WebsiteId [KEY] Integer False

The website Id.

StoreFrom Integer False

The store Id from which data will be copied.

StoreTo Integer False

The store Id to which data will be copied.


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source.

Name Type Description
ProductId String

Product Id.

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