Power BI Connector for Quandl

Build 20.0.7587

Connecting to Quandl

Use an APIKey to authenticate to Quandl.

Get an API Key

To obtain the API key, log in to Quandl and click API KEY in your Account Settings. The generated APIKey is displayed.

Authenticate to Quandl

You will need the following parameters to connect to and retrieve data from Quandl:

  • APIKey: The API key from your account.
  • DatabaseCode: The Database code that represents the Database to work with. For example, WIKI.

It is also recommended but not required to specify the CacheLocation and CacheMetadata. This is a folder on disk where Quandl metadata files will be stored. To ensure fast load times when listing metadata about tables, it is best to set this property.

Get Data

After setting the APIKey, the basic flow for getting data is the following:

  1. Use the Databases view to get a list of Databases.

    Note: The DatabaseCode is not needed in the connection string to query this view.

  2. Set the code value of the Database you want to the DatabaseCode connection property.
  3. Use the Datasets view to get a list of Datasets.
You can now execute SELECT queries to any of the tables in the list.

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Build 20.0.7587