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Retrieve File details.



Files から情報を取得します。デフォルトでは、現在のユーザーに属するファイルのリストを返します。オプションで以下を指定できます:CommunityId、GroupId、UserId、FolderId、TopicId、FileId [Id]、または2つのId の組み合わせ。使用可能な演算子は '=' と'AND' です。

SELECT * FROM Files WHERE FolderId = 'abc123'
SELECT * FROM Files WHERE UserId = '123456'

*'SearchTerms' パラメータを使ってファイルをフィルタリングできます。

SELECT * FROM Files WHERE SearchTerms = 'test'

*Note:ファイルのフィルタリングにワイルドカードを使用することができます:'*' - アスタリスクは検索用語の中間または末尾のゼロ文字以上に一致します。'?' - クエスチョンマークは検索用語の中間または末尾の一文字のみに一致します。


Name Type Description
Id [KEY] String The unique identifier of the file.
Name String The name of the file.
SearchTerms String Query to search the files database.
Title String Title of the file.
Description String Description of the file.
FileType String Type of file, such as PDF, PowerPoint, and so on.
ContentSize Integer Size of the file in bytes.
Url String The file url.
DownloadUrl String URL to the file.
OwnerId String Id of the file owner.
OwnerDisplayName String Display name of the file owner.
OwnerPhoto String Photo URL of the file owner.
OwnerTitle String Title of the file owner.
VersionNumber String Version number of the file.
ContentModifiedDate Datetime An ISO 8601 date format '2011-02-25T18:24:31.000Z'. File-specific modified date, which is updated only for direct file operations, such as rename.
FileExtension String Extension of the file.
IsInMyFileSync Boolean true if the file is synced withSalesforce Files Sync; false otherwise.
IsMajorVersion Boolean true if the file is a major version; false if the file is a minor version. Major versions cannot be replaced.
MimeType String MIME type of the file.
ModifiedDate Datetime An ISO 8601 format date string, for example, 2011-02-25T18:24:31.000Z. Modifications to the file from within Salesforce update this date.
Origin String Specifies the file source. Valid values are: 'Chatter', 'Content', or 'FileField'.
PageCount Integer Number of pages for documents that support flash renditions, or the number of slides in a presentation.
ParentFolderId String The file's parentFolder id.
ParentFolderUrl String The file's parentFolder url.
PublishStatus String The publish status of the file. One of these values: 'PendingAccess', 'PrivateAccess', or 'PublicAccess'.
RenditionUrl String URL to the rendition resource for the file.
SharingOption String Sharing option of the file. Values are: 'Allowed' or 'Restricted'.
SharingRole String The sharing role of the file. One of these values: 'Admin', 'Collaborator', 'Owner', 'Viewer', or 'WorkspaceManaged'.
TextPreview String Text preview of the file if available; null otherwise.
CheckSum String MD5 checksum for the file.
Type String ContentDocument.


SELECT ステートメントのWHERE 句では、疑似カラムフィールドを使用して、データソースから返されるタプルを詳細に制御することができます。

Name Type Description
IsMe Boolean Instead of specifying your exact Id, set this to true to retrieve your account information
FolderId String Id of the folder associated with the current file.
TopicId String Id of the topic associated with the current file.
GroupId String Id of the group associated with the current file.
UserId String Id of the user associated with the current file.
CommunityId String Id of the community associated with the current file.

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