ODBC Driver for eBay

Build 20.0.7587


Gets the eBay authorization URL. Access the URL returned in the output in an Internet browser. This requests the access token that can be used as part of the connection string to eBay.


Name Type Required Description
UseOAuth String False Indicates if you want to use OAuth. If not set to true it will automatically use Auth and Auth.
CallbackUrl String False The URL that eBay will return to after the user has authorized your app. If UseOAuth is set to true RuName will be used instead of CallbackUrl.
RuName String False The Redirect URL name on the Token from eBay via your Application section of the User Tokens page.
State String False An opaque value used by the client to maintain state between the request and callback.
Scope String False The scope or permissions you are requesting. Required only for the OAuth authentication.

The default value is https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.marketing.readonly https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.marketing https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.inventory.readonly https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.inventory https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.account.readonly https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.account https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.fulfillment.readonly https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.fulfillment https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.analytics.readonly.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
URL String The URL to be entered into a Web browser to obtain the verifier token, which you will need to submit back with the GetOAuthAccessToken stored procedure.

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Build 20.0.7587